Meet the Birds

Misty the Barn Owl

Tyto Alba, the barn owl is the most distributed of all the owls. It is found almost everywhere in the world except polar an desert regions. In a recent poll it was voted Britains second favorit bird.

Mavric the Lanner Falcon

(Falco Biarmicus) The Lanner Falcon is a medium sized bird of prey. It resides in Africa, SE Europe and into Aisa.

Eagle Owl

Eurasion Eagle Owl Bubo Bubo. The 'Eagle Owl' is one of the largest species of Owl. Females can grow to have a wingspan of over six feet. They are found throughout most of Europe and Asia. Other than their size, one of their most striking features is their bright orange eyes. Pet name Rocky

Gyr Saker Falcon

Gyr Saker Falcon. Falco Rusticolus/Falco Cherrug. This is a hybrid falcon from two of the largest types of falcon on the planet (Gyrfalcon and Saker Falcon). Both types of falcon are formidable hunters taking prey on the wing as well as ground dwelling animals.

Baby American Kestrel

one of our youngest birds

Bird Displays

Have the birds brought to your event or school for a truly close up and 'hands on experiance'.:

Breeding Birds of Prey

We can fully taylor a our visit or you can chose from one of our regular show and tell visits.

Learning is better when it's brought to life. Get to stroke the birds and learn all about them and even have your photo taken with your favorit bird of pry..

STATIC DISPLAYS. Why not have a selection of Owls, Hawks and Falcons brought to your event. Wether it be gala's, fete or country show. The static display can incorporate some supervised handling for the public, or educational talks using our p/a system. Throughout the display period, falconers will be available for any questions or specific information.